Annabel Fenton

Children’s News Agency journalist

Why did I want to be a journalist with the Children's News Agency? Well I guess because I’m passionate about writing. On top of that, I like to know about the world, what’s happening in the world and around me, and journalism is a way to learn and know more. The most challenging aspect of being a journalist with the CNA, is that writing an article requires effort. It's not just glamour and excitement, there's a lot of hard work that goes behind writing a good piece, I suppose that's the most important lesson I've learned, as well as the importance of taking myself out of the equation in my writing. Journalist need to try to not bring in their own feelings into what they write about. As for the future, it's possible I would go into journalism as a career, though I'm only in Grade 10 right now so it's hard to think about that.